April 10, 2016

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Remember to read both front and back of bulletin. It snowed. God keeps us busy, doesn’t he?Soon it will be hot, hot , hot. Our Church Report from Dennis Otto is at the back of the church. We will be discussing it at our next church meeting , Sunday April 17th after morning worship service.

Church Rummage Sale will be April 22 and 23.

Friday and Saturday. This is sponsored by our Sunday School. So when you are Spring ( Snow? cleaning), let us know if you would like to have someone come and pick up any donationed items. Or you can drop them off at the church.

Tuesday evening Bible Study continues at 7PM.

We have begun a new series. The Parables of Paul. Come join us as we learn together.

There is never a bad time to come to Jesus. Keep that in mind this week as you go about your daily lives. Children’s Message as always is good food for thought for adults as welll  as the children. Today it involved a journey around the church. Ask the children why was the “journey” taken. Our Bible verses were from John 21:1-19. “Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish”When you view a movie, do you ever think the movie is over ? You get up to leave and lo and behold, there’s MORE to it. That is what happens in this story.

The gospel continues after Jesus helps the disciples catch a boatload of fish. He talks with Peter about what is next for them. “Feed My Lambs” is His instruction to Peter. “Follow Me”. He says this instruction  3 times so that Peter will understand the importance of this teachiing.

“Follow ” is an action verb, folks. We are not just to sit in a room and read. We are to teach our children, our community , and others about Jesus and THE GOOD  NEWS.  It’s our responsibilty. We are all called to be Shepherds, not just a few . AND SO THE STORY CONTINUES.

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