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July 3, 2016

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Happy Fourth of July weekend. Hope you all enjoyed friends and family in God’s wonderful, beautiful world that He created for us to enjoy. Upcoming coming events are Vacation Bible Schools at many churches in our area. Check out signs in front of churches as you drive along the highways . You can go to more than one of them . Our VBS is going to heldJuly 25th through July 29th. in the evenings-6:00 PM to 8:30 PM each evening  Children age ranges stretches from age 3 through Teens. Pastor Rob’s Children’s Message centered around the 240th anniversary of our Independence Day and its meaning for us. Our appeal for freedom  was also an appeal to God . When we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, let us remember to also pledge allegiance to the Christian Flay. In remembrance of this Pastor led the congregation in the pledge of allegiance to both the United States Flag and the Christian Flay. Future events that are also relevant are the Franklin Graham Harrisburg Event August 11th. Sign up sheets are at the back of the church. Our Bible verses for today’s sermon were Luke 10:1-11. “Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two” Have you noticed? Is the corn in area “knee high by the fourth of July?” Have you seen grain heads forming on stalks in the fields? Jesus calls us to go out and spread seeds about His Kingdom and our Savior  amongst people of our world. Just as corn, grain and other crops flourish and are harvested, we too can produce a “harvest” for our Lord. We ended our service with the song, “Freely, Freely”. How true this hymn is relevant in today’s world. As Jesus comes into our lives , we are changed. Yes, the fields are out there and ready for planting.  ...

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April 10, 2016

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Remember to read both front and back of bulletin. It snowed. God keeps us busy, doesn’t he?Soon it will be hot, hot , hot. Our Church Report from Dennis Otto is at the back of the church. We will be discussing it at our next church meeting , Sunday April 17th after morning worship service. Church Rummage Sale will be April 22 and 23. Friday and Saturday. This is sponsored by our Sunday School. So when you are Spring ( Snow? cleaning), let us know if you would like to have someone come and pick up any donationed items. Or you can drop them off at the church. Tuesday evening Bible Study continues at 7PM. We have begun a new series. The Parables of Paul. Come join us as we learn together. There is never a bad time to come to Jesus. Keep that in mind this week as you go about your daily lives. Children’s Message as always is good food for thought for adults as welll  as the children. Today it involved a journey around the church. Ask the children why was the “journey” taken. Our Bible verses were from John 21:1-19. “Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish”When you view a movie, do you ever think the movie is over ? You get up to leave and lo and behold, there’s MORE to it. That is what happens in this story. The gospel continues after Jesus helps the disciples catch a boatload of fish. He talks with Peter about what is next for them. “Feed My Lambs” is His instruction to Peter. “Follow Me”. He says this instruction  3 times so that Peter will understand the importance of this teachiing. “Follow ” is an action verb, folks. We are not just to sit in a room and read. We are to teach our children, our community , and others about Jesus and THE GOOD  NEWS.  It’s our responsibilty. We are all called to be Shepherds, not just a few . AND SO THE STORY...

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March 27, 2016

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HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED. This Easter Sunday we had both Sunrise and Morning Worship Services. Both of them were well attended and in between we had a delicious breakfast and wonderful fellowship. Thank you for all who helped.We are thankful and full of praise that we can worship openly in our nation. Pastor Rob’s Children’ Message centered around The Empty Tomb. He used plastic eggs to illustrate this to the children. We had special music. It was wonderful. Our Bible verses for morning services were John 20:1-18-The Empty Tomb. The Resurrection  and it’s meaning. Our Sermon celebrated this empty tomb. John’s Gospel tells us Jesus was laid to rest in a gardern. This briings to mind the first garden in the Bible in Genesis. Adam and Eve pushed away from God. God’s work has always been to continue to restore the broken relationships people have had with God and others. We can draw closer to God before death overtakes us. We are Easter people. We thank God for the empty tomb and what it means for us. The power of God raised Jesus from the dead . Jesus gave us His life for us so that we may have a relationship with God. He suffered, had joys , frustration, and shed tears for us. He experienced it all . He knows our trials that we face each day . Jesus had his eyes focused on the Cross. He walked on. We should do the same. If we stop at the Cross, that’s not the end of the story. After Jesus’ death He continues to seek us, comfort us , give us rest , and build a relationship with us. We have this blessed assurance. We can talk to God as a friend. He’s close to us always. We can turn our troubles over to Him and He will bless us. God has us in His hands. Don’t subscribe to the ‘Swoon Theory”. HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED.  ...

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March 20, 2016

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Pastor Rob has issued a challenge for us this week. READ PHILLIPIANS 2:5-11 and reflect on what Jesus has done for us. We had Special Music by Richard, Melanie and a reading by Myrle. It was great. Lots to reflect upon. Thank you all for sharing your talents. This Palm Sunday was our Sunday School Program. Thank you to the children, their relatives, and the teachers who participated and put this program together. Our program was followed by donuts ( lots of donuts) and beverages in the fellowship hall. A good fellowship time was enjoyed by all . Palm Sunday is the beginning  of Holy Week. As we follow Jesus’ walk into Jerusalem and to the Cross, remember each day to reflect on the events that happened and their significance and importance in our daily lives. During the Children’s Message Pastor Rob had the children lay down their coats and then cover them with palms. The vivid image of this event in our center isle will be remembered by both children and adults alike. Our Bible verses today were  Luke 19:28-40.. “The Triumphal Entry”. The Passover Festival  and its air of anticipation from the people who believed they were to receive a king. Most kings in Biblical days came in on strong, handsome, large horses. Jesus chose to come in on an unridden donkey. Most kings ruled by force and might. Jesus ruled by peace  and gentleness. We have to go through Friday to get to Sunday and the Resurrection. Jesus humbled Himself and died for us. He was obedient to God even unto death. Tuesday evening our Bible Study continues with the Study of John., Come learn along with us. Church Services this week: Maundy Service, Thursday, 7PM Good Friday Service 7PM. Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday, 2:30 PM at the church. Easter Sunrise Sunday Service 7AM. Breakfast 9AM. Morning Worship 10:30 AM....

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March 13, 2016

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As we get closer to the Easter Season, please be in prayer for those in the world who have not yet come to Christ. God works in mysterious ways so be aware of opportunities that may arise as this season is upon us. Today our Children’s Message was extra special as we prayed for them and for all the other children ( and teenagers, and young people) to come under God’s blessings and protection in their daily lives. Bible verses for our Sermon were Phillipians 3:4-11. Paul is telling us about the passion of knowing Christ. All the fame and fortune in the world cannot compare to knowing Christ as our Savior and Lord. AS we go about our daily lives we tend to sometimes forget that our first love is to be Christ.Do we know Jesus or do we just know about Jesus?Sometimes we do take Paul’s statements seriously, sometime we do not follow Jesus and His teachings. Do we know Jesus’ sufferings? Can we trust God? Yes, we can, even through the dark times. He is a God of justice, mercy, love, and grace. God wants us to know His love and His peace. Ask yourself, what do you have that is more important than knowing and following Jesus? This coming Sunday, March 20th is Palm Sunday. Our Sunday School Program will be during the morning Sunday School Hour., Please come out and join with the children is celebrating the meaning of Easter through their eyes. Church Council will be held following worship  on March 20th There will be a Maundy Thursday Service at 6:30 PM on  March 24th. There will be a seder feast and service. Easter Flower Orders should be in so that we can honor our loved ones. Easter Egg Hunt-Saturday, March 28th-2:30 PM Easter Service, Sunday March 27.. Sunrise Service  7AM. Morning Worship Service-10:30 AM . No Sunday School on Easter ....

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