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February 28, 2016

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March will be here this week. A busy month as Easter comes early this year. Plus Daylight Savings Time Change as well. With the warm Sunday we had this week, it gives us all Spring Fever..planting, mowing, pickin up twigs all that good activity that allows us to enjoy God’s world. Tuesday evening Bible Study continues at 7PM. We are studying John. Come join with us as we learn and fellowship. Special Church meeting will be held on March 6. Easter Sunday School Program will be Sunday , March 20th  at  9 AM . Easter Egg Hunt-Saturday, March 28th-2:30 PM Easter Service, Sunday March 27.. Sunrise Service  7AM. Morning Worship Service-10:30 AM . No Sunday School on Easter . Spring Rummage Sale-Friday & Saturday-April 22 & 23. Bible verses for our Sermon were Luke 13:1-9-Repent or Perish....

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February 14, 2016

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Church service remains at 10:30 AM. We are extending an invitation to all  who would like to join in with the Children’s Sunday School Opening to come out and sing along with them and teach them some of our adult favorite songs as well. We are working on teaching the children that adults have Sunday School too . Glad to hear that many of you read last week’s news and wondered and asked , “What is going on? “. “Did I miss something in the announcements?” It’s been chilly outside this past week and weekend. We have been blessed with   a warm winter so far. Easter is early this year, Daylight Saving Time is early too. So Spring will be here soon. Maple sap is running and folks are making homemade maple syrup. Yummy. A good way to enjoy God’s bounty and warm up your tummy too. Choir wil not be meeting til further notice. Tuesday evening Bible Study has begun our new series: John. Come join us and learn along with us. It starts at 7 PM. Our adopt a Highway is on its way. Spring will be here soon. When we get our offical packet, come join us, walkiing, picking and of course, food afterwards. Church Çouncil will meet after morning worship service on Sunday, February, 21st. The movie, RISEN is being shown at the Wellsville Theatre February 19-20-21 at 7PM and 8PM . Matinees at 2PM and 4PM. Call 585-593-6899 for further details or directions . Bible verses for our Sermon, “The Temptation of Jesus”. were Luke 4:1-13.  Jesus was in the desert for 40 Days. In that time frame , the devil was a busy man ( as he is in our daily lives) tempting Jesus in many ways. Look up these verses for God’s direction on how to resist temptation in your life. Why did Jesus wait to answer Satan’s questions? What did Jesus reply to Satan’s questions? The answer are not in the wind, they are in the Word of God. Let remember to give God the glory when we help one another. Follow God’s Plan in your life and you will be blessed many time over and over. Children’s Message cenered around special hearts that Pastor Rob shared with the children and us. Ask them about it. It is a great true...

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February 7, 2016

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NEXT.  SUNDAY….CHANGE IN SERVICE TIME…..IT WILL BEGIN AT 9AM.  We are inviting the children to see how the adult Sunday School is held ( as they are in their classes when the adults are having class. )We are going to learn some of their opening songs and praises and they will learn some of the adult class openings. Lent begins this week. Bible verses for Pastor Rob’s Sermon, “The Transfiguration” were Luke 9:28-36.After the people had an encounter with Jesus, He went up to the mountaintop where God spoke to the disciples and explained  that Jesus is God’s son. This was a very blessed encounter with God. The white altar cloths help us to remember the cloud that was present at this time.   Pastor Rob explained to the children about the white altar cloths and their meaning. What happened why they got there? Ask them and you will learn along with them. Our Sunday School Valentine Celebration will be held.Sunday , February 14, duriing Sunday School time……… If you have an opportunity to come and share this event with us , please do. The children have made their “boxes”. You can drop in a card or  small treat if you wish....

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January 24, 2016

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Remember to read front, back and inside the bulletin. Lots of excellent information inside and outside. Next Sunday after our worship service there will be a light luncheon ( soup and sandwiches) before our Workshop. All are welcome to attend as our conference leaders come up and work with us on the direction and vitality of our church in our community and beyond. Community Cantata Practice continues on Mondays, 6:30 PM at the Lighthouse Church in preparation for the Palm Sunday( March 20th) performance at the Galeton High School. Choir Practice in our church continues on Sunday Morning 9:15-9:45 before worship service. There is still time to attend adult Sunday School Class after choir practice. Tuesday evenings, 7 PM our Bible Study continues. Children’s Message centered around  cups of chocolate. Be sure to ask the children which cup they preferred. God uses all our body parts to determine taste, not just just one sense. Scripture this morning was 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.Paul tells us that we are all a part of the body of Christ. Just as God designed our body parts to work together as a whole. So, too, did God create the Church with many body parts to work together to be interconnected to follow Christ, to praise Him . All parts are indispensable. Each part has a purpose. As a single part, we may be called to work with another part for God’s glory. God gives each of us talents. Let’s share them with  other body parts of the human race and use them to further build  His Kingdom. God gives us graces,talents, gifts to do what He calls us to do. He equips us to meet whatever He asks us to do. Livings things have two choices: live or die.How is it with your soul? Are you living or dying?Paul tells us : what happens in one part of the body affects other body...

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January 17, 2016

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Choir Practice continues on Sunday mornings at 9:15 to 9:45 AM before church. Come join us in song. Choir will be singing anthems before Easter on Sundays. At Easter time , choir will sing  Sunday before Easter, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Remember Easter comes early this year..March 27th. February’s Fellowship Dinner will be Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. Come fellowship with us as we greet February.  January 31st is the Workshop after the church service. A light lunch will be provided followed by the afternoon workshop. Beth Jones and Dennis Otto will lead the workshop. All are welcome to attend and participate. Tuesday evening Bible Study continues at 7PM. Community Cantata is practicing for the Palm Sunday March 20th at Galeton High School. Each Monday practice starts at 6:30 at the Lighthouse Church on Sherman Street in Galeton. All are welcome. This morning’s Children’s Message centered around sharing. The children do a great job in sharing with each other. We as adults should also remember to share the Goods News of Jesus Christ with others. We can share with others by listening, being their friend , inviting them to church; just a few of the ways we can share. Today’s Sermon,”Jesus Turns Water Into Wine” is based on John 2:1-11. This story puts Jesus in human form. Jesus himself does not actually touch the jars or the water. He simply instructs the bridal party to bring in the jars of ordinary hand washing  water water. Then He instructs the men to give the water  to the assembled guests. Lo and behold, the water has been turned into wine. He saved the best wine for last. It is the same for us. He wants to take ordinary people  and have them become  extraordinary people in His Name, by the Grace of God. God call us to honor Him, praise Him and glorify Him. Thus He transforms and reshapes us into extradordinary people in His...

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January 3, 2016

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The first Sunday in the New Year 2016. We wish you a Blessed New Year 2016 and beyond. Myrle  was our lay leader today. It is always such a pleasure to have congregation members who step up and participate and share with us the Lord’s Word. Thank you all for your service to the Lord in so many ways each and every day, week, month and year. In January our fellowship dinner will be January 10th after worship . Come and join in with us to begin the New Year . Tuesday evening Bible Study continues at 7 PM. Church Council will be January 17 following morning worship. Easter is early this year. So the choir is starting to practice and also practice for Sunday anthems as well. As we begin the New Year, let us remember to work on building up our inner self in Christ , just as we build up our outer selves.  ...

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