February 7, 2016

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NEXT.  SUNDAY….CHANGE IN SERVICE TIME…..IT WILL BEGIN AT 9AM.  We are inviting the children to see how the adult Sunday School is held ( as they are in their classes when the adults are having class. )We are going to learn some of their opening songs and praises and they will learn some of the adult class openings. Lent begins this week. Bible verses for Pastor Rob’s Sermon, “The Transfiguration” were Luke 9:28-36.After the people had an encounter with Jesus, He went up to the mountaintop where God spoke to the disciples and explained  that Jesus is God’s son. This was a very blessed encounter with God. The white altar cloths help us to remember the cloud that was present at this time.


Pastor Rob explained to the children about the white altar cloths and their meaning. What happened why they got there? Ask them and you will learn along with them. Our Sunday School Valentine Celebration will be held.Sunday , February 14, duriing Sunday School time……… If you have an opportunity to come and share this event with us , please do. The children have made their “boxes”. You can drop in a card or  small treat if you wish.


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