Gaines ME & Charge Ministers

Rev. G. N. Pack had charge of services in 1867.
Rev. T. Lesley Weaver (1867-1870)
A. Compton (1870-1872)
M. V. Briggs (1872-1874)
A. B. Brame (1874-1875)
P. M. Joralman (1875-1876)
Whiting Beach (1876-1879)
Woodruff Post (1879-1880)
J. W. Miller (1880-1883)
A. G. Cole (1883-1886)
G. H. Allett (1886-1890)
S. A. Peterson (1890-1891)
Cornelius Dillenbeck (1891-1894)
Uri Mulford (1895)
G. E. Hill (1896)
E. D. Compton (1896-
(The following record shows those from 1896-1917 at random – some are known only by last names; some have dates. After 1917, data is complete.)
Rev. A. B. Taylor (1903-1904)
Rev. Morgan
Rev. G. B. Clark (1913)
Rev. Jenkins
Rev. E. Rockwell (1913-1914)
Rev. Emory
Rev. Mahoney (before 1912)
Rev. George Peacock (came directly to Gaines from England)
Rev. Hank Horton (1915)
Rev. Dunning (about 1916-1917)
Harold Wood was minister here when the church burned on March 21, 1918. He started a grass fire that got out of hand, setting fire to the church. After this, worship services, meetings and Sunday School were held in the I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows) Hall in Gaines until the new church could be built. New Church completed 1919; first minister sent by Conference was
Rev. William L. Deighton – 1920
Rev. Reginald J. Edwards – 1921 (father of Robert W. Edwards; he left Bob here to be raised by Carr-Perkins family)
Rev. G. J. Porter – (1922-24-25)
Rev. Willus J. McLaughlin (Oct. 1925 – went to Africa as missionary)
Rev. Percy H. Woodruff (Sept. 1926 thru Sept.1928)
Rev. Alva E. Beers (1929-30 for a short time)
Rev. C. Roy Folts (1930)
Rev. J. B. Ennis (was here 5 years; 1930-1934)
Rev. I. R. Peacock (1935-1936)
Rev. G. S. Wilson (1936-1937)
Rev. Harold E. Blish (1937-1938)
Rev. Merle H. Holmes (1938-1944)
Rev. Frank White (1944-1947)
Rev. Edward Cross (1947-1949)
Rev. Sidney Fenton (1949-1952)
Rev. John “Jack” Howard (1952-1955)
Rev. Charles “Bud” James (1955- )
Rev. Richard Harrington (1955: filled pulpit for approximately one year to finish James time to Conference appointment))
Dale Tanner (1956-1957) (not ordained; student at Mansfield STC, now Mansfield University)
Harold Savage (1957-1959) (not ordained; student at Mansfield STC, now Mansfield University)
Rev. Paul Zelinka (1960-1961)
Rev. Keith M. Dewey (June 1961 through Oct. 1964) Keith was a native of Gaines, baptized and confirmed in the Gaines. M.E. Church
Rev. Dan Milheim (October 1964 to June 1965) part time assistant Rev. Charles Gummo
August 17, 1965: Merged to Gaines/Galeton Charge. Ministers from this point served all churches.
Rev. William Lusk (June 1965 through June 1972)
Rev. Kenneth Shafer (1972-1974)
Rev. Charles Graham (7/1974 until his unexpected death 9/1/75)
From this time until June 1976, our parish was served by Rev. Kumansi, which included Rev. Wade Stewart, Baptist, retired, and Chaplain at S&S Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro; Richard Hartman, Teacher at Knoxville High School; Bill Lusk, former pastor at our charge; Lowell Watkins, Pastor from Westfield;
Rev. Larry Lutz (1976-1980)
Rev. Kevin Hughes (1980-1985
Assistant pastors serving 1965-1985 included Eunice Lusk, Gary Brown, Lynn Geiser, and Calvin Cobb
1983: Became Pine Creek Valley UMC for Gaines, Marshlands & Galeton with Asaph as an outpost mission church.
Rev. Gary Bumbarger (1985-1988)
Rev. Steve Saurman (7/1988-5/1992)
September 1991: moved into new building on US Route 6 between Gaines and Galeton.
Rev. Marvin Freed (5/1992-6/30/1993)
Rev. Jeffrey Canankamp (7/1/1993-7/31/1998)
July 1, 1997: PCV became a one unit church body; Asaph merged with Middle Ridge UMC (Little Red Church in Canyon)
Rev. William Lusk (retired), filled the pulpit between Canankamp and his assigned replacement, mid-July 1998-August 1998.
Rev. Harry (Hank) Mansell (9/1/1998-6/2000)
Rev. David Shultz (7/2000-6/2013)
Rev. Steve Saurman (7/2013-6/2014)
Rev. Robert (Rob) Anderson (7/2014-6/2017)
Pastor Thadius Edmund Sales (7/2017-