Galeton UM History

Methodism in Galeton is older than the town itself. It came with the Dickinson Family in 1850. In 1883, as soon as the village began to take shape in Pine Creek, the First Methodist Episcopal Society of Galeton was organized. Meetings were held in the schoolhouse until 1887, when the First Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated, free from all debt.

Application was made on October 4, 1888, for a charter of incorporation for a society to be called the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Galeton, PA.

The church burned in 1893 and a new church was built the next year. This building was enlarged in 1900 and destroyed by fire in 1916. On July 2, 1917, the present building was dedicated.

July 28, 1848, the Trustees of the church granted to the Raymond Richar Post (VFW) the right and privilege of placing a granite monument on the tract of land which they own.

In 1962, the church was transferred from the Genesee Conference to the Central Pennsylvania Conference.

August 17, 1965, the Gaines charge and Galeton charge merged and became known as the Gaines-Galeton Charge.

In 1983, the Gaines-Galeton charge became the Pine Creek Valley Charge. The Galeton church building was put up for sale and the united congregations attended church in the Gaines church building until the new facility was built in 1991.

Ministers (1917-1967) Carl W. Hayes, John R. Adams, A. D. Stevens, Robert E. Brettle, Edward J. Corey, Charles A. Williams, Alfred L. Underhill, Glenn S. Brewster, Percy H. Woodruff, William Esler Slocum, William H. Smith, Harold E. Blish, Lyle S. Owen, John A. Mann, Mabel B. Johnson, Richard W. Harrington, Harold M. Sherman, Edward W. Cross, Robert W. Fleck, Allen Cropf, William R. Lusk. (Bill Lusk was the first pastor to serve the Gaines-Galeton Charge. The merger was in 1965 and, after this time, all churches were served by the same pastor). For the continued list of pastors, see History of Gaines Congregation.