PCVUMC History

Compiled by Dorothy Davis Quimby and Marjorie Dewey Persing

The PCVUMC was established in 1983, the result of the merger of three individual church bodies who had previously functioned as the Gaines-Galeton charge. The current church building was erected and first services held there in 1991. This building is located on the north side of US route 6 between Gaines and Galeton, near the Potter/Tioga County line.

Originally, each small community had their own house of worship; the communities being Gaines, Watrous, and Marshlands. As time passed, Watrous withdrew from the conference and Asaph was added as part of the charge. We were in the Genesee Conference until 1962 when we were transferred to the Central PA Conference.

Galeton had been a one church charge from its origin until 1965, when we merged and became the Gaines-Galeton charge. This made us a four church charge (Gaines, Marshlands, Asaph, and Galeton) under one pastor.

In the years immediately prior to 1983, there was much discussion and turmoil that accompanied the merging of these churches as one body and at what location to worship. It was finally decided that Gaines, Marshlands, and Galeton would become the Pine Creek Valley UMC. Asaph would be served by the same pastor and be a part of the charge as an outpost mission church. The church buildings in the communities of Gaines, Marshlands, and Galeton were sold and the current church completed in 1991.

Another change was yet to take place. Effective July 1, 1997, Asaph withdrew from our charge and merged with the Middle Ridge Church, more commonly known as “the little red church in the Canyon.” Pine Creek Valley UMC became a single church under one pastor. The current church was built by the efforts of our church members and work camp volunteers from within the conference.

PCVUMC Entrance


atwell bookmillerThe large stained glass window over the entrance was moved from the former house of worship in Gaines village. It was a memorial window from the Bookmiller family who donated the land for that church in 1918 after the original church had burned.



Alpha1  Omega1Alpha1


The stained glass windows on the west wall of the sanctuary ( Alpha, Omega, Ten Commandments) were also taken from the Gaines church.




The stained glass round windows above the altar area are from the Marshlands and Gaines churches. The one from Marshlands church is a memorial to Ethan and Juliana Strait, early members of that church. Strait1 Invincible Bible Class1(Note here that they are great grandparents of Roger “Bud” Strait who grew up in Watrous and was an active member of the Gaines Sunday School/Church. In his adult life, he became a UM Minister). The other window above the altar was purchased By ” The Invincible Bible Class” (young adults) in 1919 and put in the belfry when the Gaines church was built after the fire.

New pews were purchased for the interior of the sanctuary for our current building, but the rest of the furnishings were imported from the merged churches. In fact, the three altar chairs with Gothic arch backs and one altar table are from the original church in Gaines by the parsonage. Another altar table is from the Galeton church. The pulpits are from the Gaines and Galeton churches. The altar rail is rebuilt from the altar rails of the Gaines and Marshlands churches. The organ is from the Galeton church; the piano is from the Gaines church, a memorial for Paul Rager. The painting in the back of the sanctuary of the Lord’s Supper is from the Marshlands church.

Three in One1The bells from the three churches are mounted in a pavilion in front of the new church and designated ” The Three in One”.
The pavilion was funded by Mrs. Dorothy Detar in memory of her husband, Clarence Detar, Sr.