July 3, 2016

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Happy Fourth of July weekend. Hope you all enjoyed friends and family in God’s wonderful, beautiful world that He created for us to enjoy.

Upcoming coming events are Vacation Bible Schools at many churches in our area. Check out signs in front of churches as you drive along the highways .

You can go to more than one of them . Our VBS is going to heldJuly 25th through July 29th. in the evenings-6:00 PM to 8:30 PM each eveningĀ  Children age ranges stretches from age 3 through Teens.

Pastor Rob’s Children’s Message centered around the 240th anniversary of our Independence Day and its meaning for us. Our appeal for freedomĀ  was also an appeal to God . When we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, let us remember to also pledge allegiance to the Christian Flay. In remembrance of this Pastor led the congregation in the pledge of allegiance to both the United States Flag and the Christian Flay. Future events that are also relevant are the Franklin Graham Harrisburg Event August 11th. Sign up sheets are at the back of the church. Our Bible verses for today’s sermon were Luke 10:1-11. “Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two” Have you noticed? Is the corn in area “knee high by the fourth of July?” Have you seen grain heads forming on stalks in the fields? Jesus calls us to go out and spread seeds about His Kingdom and our SaviorĀ  amongst people of our world. Just as corn, grain and other crops flourish and are harvested, we too can produce a “harvest” for our Lord. We ended our service with the song, “Freely, Freely”. How true this hymn is relevant in today’s world. As Jesus comes into our lives , we are changed. Yes, the fields are out there and ready for planting.



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