March 20, 2016

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Pastor Rob has issued a challenge for us this week. READ PHILLIPIANS 2:5-11 and reflect on what Jesus has done for us.

We had Special Music by Richard, Melanie and a reading by Myrle. It was great. Lots to reflect upon. Thank you all for sharing your talents.

This Palm Sunday was our Sunday School Program. Thank you to the children, their relatives, and the teachers who participated and put this program together. Our program was followed by donuts ( lots of donuts) and beverages in the fellowship hall. A good fellowship time was enjoyed by all .

Palm Sunday is the beginning  of Holy Week. As we follow Jesus’ walk into Jerusalem and to the Cross, remember each day to reflect on the events that happened and their significance and importance in our daily lives.

During the Children’s Message Pastor Rob had the children lay down their coats and then cover them with palms. The vivid image of this event in our center isle will be remembered by both children and adults alike. Our Bible verses today were  Luke 19:28-40.. “The Triumphal Entry”.

The Passover Festival  and its air of anticipation from the people who believed they were to receive a king. Most kings in Biblical days came in on strong, handsome, large horses. Jesus chose to come in on an unridden donkey. Most kings ruled by force and might. Jesus ruled by peace  and gentleness. We have to go through Friday to get to Sunday and the Resurrection. Jesus humbled Himself and died for us. He was obedient to God even unto death. Tuesday evening our Bible Study continues with the Study of John., Come learn along with us.

Church Services this week: Maundy Service, Thursday, 7PM
Good Friday Service 7PM.
Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday, 2:30 PM at the church.
Easter Sunrise Sunday Service 7AM. Breakfast 9AM. Morning Worship 10:30 AM.


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