March 27, 2016

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HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED. This Easter Sunday we had both Sunrise and Morning Worship Services. Both of them were well attended and in between we had a delicious breakfast and wonderful fellowship.

Thank you for all who helped.We are thankful and full of praise that we can worship openly in our nation. Pastor Rob’s Children’ Message centered around The Empty Tomb. He used plastic eggs to illustrate this to the children. We had special music. It was wonderful. Our Bible verses for morning services were John 20:1-18-The Empty Tomb.

The Resurrection  and it’s meaning. Our Sermon celebrated this empty tomb.

John’s Gospel tells us Jesus was laid to rest in a gardern.

This briings to mind the first garden in the Bible in Genesis. Adam and Eve pushed away from God. God’s work has always been to continue to restore the broken relationships people have had with God and others. We can draw closer to God before death overtakes us. We are Easter people. We thank God for the empty tomb and what it means for us. The power of God raised Jesus from the dead . Jesus gave us His life for us so that we may have a relationship with God. He suffered, had joys , frustration, and shed tears for us. He experienced it all . He knows our trials that we face each day . Jesus had his eyes focused on the Cross. He walked on. We should do the same. If we stop at the Cross, that’s not the end of the story. After Jesus’ death He continues to seek us, comfort us , give us rest , and build a relationship with us. We have this blessed assurance. We can talk to God as a friend.

He’s close to us always. We can turn our troubles over to Him and He will bless us. God has us in His hands. Don’t subscribe to the ‘Swoon Theory”. HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED.



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